It’s back! Canada’s Luckiest Student 2 is now live at
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Great video for piggie parents too!


OMFG, I could NOT stop laughing while I was drawing the final panel XDThis comic illustrates how my piggies do not take kindly to me moving stuff around in their cage. When I flip things over, it’s the end of their little piggie world lol XD They’ll run around screaming (literally screaming), then they’ll stop to examine it. While examining how to put things back to normal, they make these cute little squeaks to each other like they’re communicating on how to fix it. The whole ordeal normally ends with them figuring out how to flip the things back over, and life goes back to normal lol.
Oy Vey!

Last night while I was cleaning my piggys’ pens my future hubby teased me, saying that if a stranger walked in they’d never know that I cleaned the boys pen every day and that they’d call CAS on me for neglect. >.<’ They do poop an awful lot and they do it everywhere! I think I’ll be building them a kitchen area where I’ll also be keeping their hut as Bosco likes to poop and pee in it…Boys.