Got Clementines pen looking all spiffy!  
Her bars are light pink, which I think is absolutely adorable for a girl piggy pen. 
She has a bright green potty with her carrot hay dish and ergonomic pellet dish near by as she loves to sit in her potty while she eats. If I don’t keep her dishes there, she will pull out all her hay and drag it to her potty. She’ll also try very hard to flip her food dish. 
On the other side of her pen she has her chews, her veg E sphere, her little bed that she likes to push around and the big wooden hut that I bought for the boys. I’ve taken it away from them and given it to Clementine as Bosco was using the inside of the hut as a potty and since the hut is made of wood I didn’t want it to get saturated and start to rot. I’ll be getting the boys a nice plastic hut in the future. 

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